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High quality co-axial for cable TV network for notch free attenuation values over wide range of frequencies. The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions.

Technical Data
Conductor The central conductor is made of solid electrolytic grade annealed plain copper conductor, which has distinct advantages over traditional copper conductor
Insulation The insulation provided over the conductor is of foam PE which acts as a dielectric
Screen Aluminium mylar tape is provided over the insulated conductor to shield the conductor and ensure disturbance free transmission of signals
Braiding The braiding is generally provided with 60% coverage of ATC (Annealed Tinned Copper) / Al alloy
Marking The cables are marked ‘VIHAN CO-AX’
Technical Specifiaction


Construction Details Cable Type (RG6)
Inner Conductor Copper
Nominal Diameter (mm) 1.02
Dielectric Foam PE
Nominal Diameter (mm) 4.5
Outer Conductor First Bonded AL Tape
Outer Conductor Second Tinned Cu/AI Braid
Nominal Coverage (%) 60
PVC Jacket Black
Nominal Cable Diameter (mm) 7.0